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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. She secured her reputation as a children's-book author with The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, long considered a masterpiece of children's literature.

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils - AbeBooks - Selma Lagerlof:

Written at the request of Swedish school authorities and first published in , it is the enchanting and remarkably original tale of Nils Holgersson, a mischievous boy of 14 who is changed by an elf into a tiny being able to understand the speech of birds and animals. Brilliantly weaving fact and fiction into a breathtaking and beautiful fable, the story recounts Nils's adventures as he is transported over the countryside on the back of a goose. From this vantage point, Nils witnesses a host of events that provide young readers with an abundance of information about nature, geography, folklore, animal life, and more.

Reset in easy-to-read type and enhanced with 10 new illustrations, this inexpensive, unabridged edition will bring new generations of readers under the magical spell of a timeless classic. Other books in this series.

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Struwwelpeter in English Translation Heinrich Hoffmann. Add to basket. The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams. Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers E. While getting a pet goose shouldn't be too much of a haggle, shrinking to a height of a few inches and attaining the ability to talk to animals might be somewhat more difficult.

Luckily there are other possible means of transportation. For the authentic bird's view-experience flying would obviously be the optimal way to travel. However, since some of the destinations are very small such as Nils' home village with a population of about 50 people they mostly lack airfields within walking distance. If you are set on visiting all destinations a car would probably be your best alternative.

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The fact that several destinations are insular might also be a challenge. The larger Copenhagen Airport Kastrup serves more international flights and is also quite near.

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Since Nils made a full loop around Sweden you can actually start the journey at any destination. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest flight traffic hub in Sweden, making the nearby destinations Uppsala and Stockholm suitable starting and finishing points. Nils Holgersson's Journey Across Sweden. Understand [ edit ]. It explains how to get there and touches on all the major points along the way. The larger of the two stuck him under his arm and carried him off. When the boy, who lay under the thistle-leaf saw this, he sprang up as if he wanted to take the goosey-gander away from them; then he must have remembered how little and powerless he was, for he threw himself on the knoll and beat upon the ground with his clenched fists.

The goosey-gander cried with all his might for help: "Thumbietot, come and help me! Oh, Thumbietot, come and help me! I'm just the right one to help anybody, I am!

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Anyway he got up and followed the goosey-gander. But here he was obliged to run alongside of it for some little time, before he could find a place narrow enough for him to jump over. When he came up from the hollow the children had disappeared. He could see their footprints on a narrow path which led to the woods, and these he continued to follow. Soon he came to a cross-road. Here the children must have separated, for there were footprints in two directions.

The boy looked now as if all hope had fled. Then he saw a little white down on a heather-knoll, and he understood that the goosey-gander had dropped this by the wayside to let him know in which direction he had been carried; and therefore he continued his search. He followed the children through the entire wood. The goosey-gander he did not see; but wherever he was likely to miss his way, lay a little white down to put him right. The boy continued faithfully to follow the bits of down.

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

When the boy saw that this was some great manor, he thought he knew what had become of the goosey-gander. By this time he's probably butchered," he said to himself.

But he did not seem to be satisfied with anything less than proof positive, and with renewed courage he ran forward. The mansion which he came to was a splendid, old-time structure with four great wings which inclosed a courtyard. On the east wing, there was a high arch leading into the courtyard. This far the boy ran without hesitation, but when he got there he stopped.

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He dared not venture farther, but stood still and pondered what he should do now. In haste he stole behind a water-barrel which stood near the arch, and hid himself. Those who came up were some twenty young men from a folk-high-school, out on a walking tour. They were accompanied by one of the instructors.

Nils Holgersson (aka Thumbietot or Tummetott depending on translation)

When they were come as far as the arch, the teacher requested them to wait there a moment, while he went in and asked if they might see the old castle of Vittskoevle. The newcomers were warm and tired; as if they had been on a long tramp. One of them was so thirsty that he went over to the water-barrel and stooped down to drink. He had a tin box such as botanists use hanging about his neck. He evidently thought that this was in his way, for he threw it down on the ground.

With this, the lid flew open, and one could see that there were a few spring flowers in it. The botanist's box dropped just in front of the boy; and he must have thought that here was his opportunity to get into the castle and find out what had become of the goosey-gander.

Wonderful Adventures of Nils (picture book)

He smuggled himself quickly into the box and concealed himself as well as he could under the anemones and colt's-foot. He was hardly hidden before the young man picked the box up, hung it around his neck, and slammed down the cover. Then the teacher came back, and said that they had been given permission to enter the castle. At first he conducted them no farther than the courtyard. There he stopped and began to talk to them about this ancient structure.

He called their attention to the first human beings who had inhabited this country, and who had been obliged to live in mountain-grottoes and earth-caves; in the dens of wild beasts, and in the brushwood; and that a very long period had elapsed before they learned to build themselves huts from the trunks of trees. And afterward how long had they not been forced to labour and struggle, before they had advanced from the log cabin, with its single room, to the building of a castle with a hundred rooms--like Vittskoevle!

It was about three hundred and fifty years ago that the rich and powerful built such castles for themselves, he said. It was very evident that Vittskoevle had been erected at a time when wars and robbers made it unsafe in Skane. All around the castle was a deep trench filled with water; and across this there had been a bridge in bygone days that could be hoisted up. Over the gate-arch there is, even to this day, a watch-tower; and all along the sides of the castle ran sentry-galleries, and in the corners stood towers with walls a metre thick.

Yet the castle had not been erected in the most savage war time; for Jens Brahe, who built it, had also studied to make of it a beautiful and decorative ornament.

The Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson

If they could see the big, solid stone structure at Glimminge, which had been built only a generation earlier, they would readily see that Jans Holgersen Ulfstand, the builder, hadn't figured upon anything else--only to build big and strong and secure, without bestowing a thought upon making it beautiful and comfortable. If they visited such castles as Marsvinsholm, Snogeholm and Oevid's Cloister--which were erected a hundred years or so later--they would find that the times had become less warlike.

The gentlemen who built these places, had not furnished them with fortifications; but had only taken pains to provide themselves with great, splendid dwelling houses. The teacher talked at length--and in detail; and the boy who lay shut up in the box was pretty impatient; but he must have lain very still, for the owner of the box hadn't the least suspicion that he was carrying him along. Finally the company went into the castle. But if the boy had hoped for a chance to crawl out of that box, he was deceived; for the student carried it upon him all the while, and the boy was obliged to accompany him through all the rooms.