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Most are missing essential amino acids. So I thought it was a good choice. Whenever you eat food special enzymes break down large molecules of protein, carbohydrates, or fats, into absorbable forms. If these enzymes get blocked, digestion gets disrupted. These enzyme blockers can have adverse effects that can result in malnutrition as well as gut inflammation that can lead to leaky gut and all its associated pathologies. Protease inhibitors are one class of enzyme inhibitors that interfere with protein digestion. Because wheat also has amylase trypsin inhibitors that cause intestinal inflammation by activating a specific receptor called toll-like receptor 4.

Amylase inhibitors interfere with starch digestion. Like the antinutrient phytic acid which interferes with micronutrient absorption , enzyme inhibitors disrupt macronutrient digestion. A soybean is a seed.

The Hidden Dangers of Soy-Revealed! - Hartke Is Online!

Just like grains and nuts are seeds, so too are beans. Soybeans are rich in antinutrients like phytic acid and tannins as well as trypsin inhibitors which deter predation. But interference of protein digestion from trypsin inhibitors is just one of many issues with eating soybeans. Along with the antinutrient effects from its enzyme inhibitors, soybeans also contain isoflavones which are a major source of phytoestrogens.

These isoflavones aid in plant defense and are great fungicides. When a soybean plant is under attack by a fungus, it can even upregulate production to strengthen its defense and kill the fungus. While perhaps designed to ward of fungus, they should also ward off humans. Molecularly, these isoflavones look very much like estradiol. Thus, it confuses our body and has estrogenic effects. These phytoestrogens have the potential to inhibit testosterone production and increase estrogen. In addition, phytoestrogens in soy formulas put infants at risk for growth problems and altered sexual development especially if the is premature.

If we just look at the urine levels of babies fed soy formulas, we see that they have up to X more isoflavones. If you want to have children men especially you should think twice before eating soy. And if you have children especially infants , you should really think twice or three times about feeding them soy.

In an interesting case study [ r ], a woman took a supplement with soybean extract and she developed a severe hypothyroid problem and a large goiter. With a high percentage of soy being genetically modified, it is highly recommended that soy milk is avoided as a replacement to milk or other dairy products. It offers no nutritional value for human consumption. Additionally, guzzling soy milk is bad news for your hormones.

Also, have you tried unsweetened soy milk? Probably not because it tastes like death. It also has major additives to extend its shelf life. They are loaded with dried cane syrup, aka white sugar. More: What happens to your body when you cut dairy. The healthy one is the fermented soy and the other one is the artifical which is sold out in the market.

One of the causes is dairy fatty products such as soymilk and soy.

Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Full disclosure here. Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD is also known as. The committee was most concerned by the possibility of hormonal disruption caused by the estrogen-like plant hormones in soy. The authors found that studies show that soy products may reduce menopausal symptoms but noted they were of poor quality or their duration was too short to lead to definite conclusions.

Most of the key studies showing thyroid damage from soy have been carried out at leading thyroid clinics in Japan. Then the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reported that the studies on soy and cancer are inconsistent and that high intake of soy may increase breast cancer risk.

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The French Government also takes the soy risk seriously and is implementing new regulations that will require manufacturers to remove soy isoflavones from infant formula and soy foods targeted to children under 3 years old. In the German Institute of Risk Assessment warned parents and pediatricians that babies should not be given soy infant formula without clear, concrete medical reasons and then only under strict medical supervision. These and other warnings follow a lengthy report issued in by the British Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment, which found no merit to most of the health claims made for soy.

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The Committee identified infants on soy formula, vegetarians who use soy as a primary source of protein and adults trying to prevent disease with soy foods and soy supplements as being at risk for thyroid damage. For consumers, such news can be confusing.

What We Know Today

In fact, the people of China, Japan and other countries in Asia eat small quantities of soy and as condiments, not as staple foods. Asians also eat different soy foods from the ones now appearing on the western table. Contrary to popular belief, soy milk was rarely drunk in Asia prior to the 20 th century and soy formula was first invented by a Baltimore pediatrician in Ingredients such as soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, textured soy protein and hydrolyzed plant protein were unheard of until after World War II.

These quintessentially western products are manufactured using high-tech, industrialized processes that compromise protein quality, reduce vitamin levels and leave toxic residues and carcinogens. This is a becoming a nightmare for the growing number of people who are allergic to, or sensitive, to soy — which is a lot of people given that soy is now one of the top eight allergens, with many experts predicting it will soon be in the top four.

The hidden dangers of alternative milks

The likeliest reason for this rise in soy allergies is the genetically modified GM soybean. GM beans carry higher levels of anti-nutrients, which decrease digestion and absorption and increase vitamin and mineral needs, as well as more toxins than regular soybeans, jeopardizing human and animal health. They have also caused vast damage to the environment.