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Just waiting on getting final whistle now. Dan I just read Final whistle i loved it i just wanted to know if you are making another one and if you are what will it be called. Is there anyway i can please enter? Did he score? It will be like the next goal the movie. Hi Dan.

Jamie Johnson - Series 4 Episode 3 - Football Ballet?

Like I said I just got Final Whistle recently. Late I know. But it really is spot on. I have really not read a better football book and I try to read any that there is. I was wondering if you come to schools to talk about your books. Can you send me some details please. The Jamie Johnson series really inspired me and the next level for you dan is creating a movie. JJ is like a real life hero to me. If i become a football player just remember who inspired me.

Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson. Hi dan I have hated books all my life but after reading ur first book i have read all of the series. So glad you like the books. The flaws are what make Jamie real and interesting, both for me as the author and, hopefully, for you as the reader…we would love to make a movie about Jamie…friends of mine called ShortFormFilm have the movie rights and we will do out best! Brilliant question Tyrone!

I guess, at the moment and remember I have no idea of his acting ability! Keep going and enjoy! Hi Dan, I know loads of people have asked you this but I need to know, when will the next book in the jj series be released?? Hi Dan, I remember you came to the Edinburgh Academy last year and you signed a book for me! Dan- at my school we dress up as a character for national book day and i was going to go in as jamie Johnson! So, is there a movie coming out?

If so, which book, and when? Dan i have loved all of your books. I have read all the jamie johnson books. Hey mate. Really love the books. Please do I love your books! Hello dan pleeeeeeaaaaaaase can you write another book because I really liked all your books from kick off to skills from Brazil and can I pick what it is called please and I would love a movie sorry for wasting your time and asking so much questions I really loved your books please answer soon love cameron. Thanks Cameron! You are not wasting my time!

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I write the books for you guys! I agree a movie would be great. Is there going to be a seventh book cos I would love that and I think u should make a movie on jj. I have read every one of your books and they are all awesome. Hi Dan could you pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me if there is a book coming out after skills from Brazil. Bob Ps. Hi dan. Surprised by the injuries Jamie gets into. Pleeeeaseee can u tell me if there is a book coming after final whistle and will u make the Jamie Johnson series into a movie series.

Hey Dan! Anyway i wanted to ask you, when is your TV show about Jamie Johnson coming out. Thanks Jeff, so pleased you enjoyed them. Really pleased you enjoyed them so much Hector. Great to hear that so many JJ fans want to know what happens after Final Whistle. Its up to you …. Hi Dan, I was whether a goalkeeper based novel would be good idea.

Not many have probably thought of this idea, considering people are mainly interested in strikers?

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  7. Just an idea. I hope he did score though! Maybe you could call it A Bird in Flight or something like that. You make the call. We live in Singapore and are homeschooled. I [Skye] wrote everything yay me! Thank you for your ideas which are always very welcome.

    Jamie Johnson; Book 3 | UK education collection

    As for another book, well you never know …. Hi Dan in the ending of skills from brazil where Rafael becomes manager of Hawkstone united what happens. I love this Graham … always makes me smile to hear the JJ series have inspired someone to pick up books and enjoy reading! What do you think would happen after Rafael becomes Manager of Hawkstone? There already is a seventh … Skills from Brazil which came out just before the World Cup this summer.

    Jamie Johnson

    I hope you enjoy the other books as much as the first two you have read. I really enjoy your books. And are you going to write another book? I am so pleased to hear you enjoy reading the books, thank you for telling me! Born to Play and Skills from Brazil are actually prequels to the Jamie Johnson series, and as for writing another book … I am always considering new ideas!

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    I dont think you wil remeber…But i was just wondering when is the next series or books coming out. Is it possible that you can reveal a date or something please. Also about how at the start of the story you tell us that you wanted to be a professional and that you never got to, but however you can get many jobs to do with football. It is amazing! Thank you! It means alot to get such praise from one of my bosses! As for for more books … I am always working on new ideas for stories and as my bosses you will all be the first to know if I have something new being published.

    Do you think youll ever do a linked series about Jack? Because as a girl that plays football and enjoys the Jamie Johnson books i would be really interested to see the story from Jacks perspective, both her successes and difficultys. I love that idea too Lucie, it is something we have often talked about and I think might be great for the future.

    I am so pleased to hear you have enjoyed redaing the series. Been a very busy start to working on lots of new projects! It should be another exciting year for JJ …. I was fascinated to hear that my books help you to learn English and so pleased that they do! What is your home language, and how did you come across the Jamie Johnson series? This kind of message makes my day Melvyn!