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And finding even a partial window opening big enough to climb out? The car is burning in the front seat with the victim inside. Neither the engine nor the gas tank is involved, yet the victim and her side of the car are cooking. The start of the fire is strictly inside only and limited to one corner of the interior at first. The inside is fully involved and the fire has worked its way outside. With the victim obviously gone by now, the witness can only call for help and wait for us. CSRT will be busy for a while with this one!

She works for Alaska Airlines as a stewardess and she was heading home from SeaTac when the accident happened.

She lives in Bellingham. Her husband is on his way. Detective Sam Carver under normal circumstances would have corrected Captain Wilkerson. But his lighthearted correction to someone else under different circumstances would have to go unspoken tonight. Once a Washington State Trooper before his promotion, Carver looked like a tank coming at you when he approached.

But his effect on distraught women after only a few sentences was always more like a giant teddy bear. Pondering and oblivious to the charred victim still in the car, Trotman walked around the burned out vehicle which was still upside down and jammed against a cable in the center of the median. Then he headed over to question the witness. Lucinda Neely was a stunning brunette with shoulder length hair and a perfect manicure.

She was still in her uniform but for the tennis shoes she slipped on just after landing. The trek to the crew bus was a long haul to begin with, but walking to her car in the outlying employee parking lot in her work shoes was all but impossible. Her day had been miserable. Environmentalists surely blamed Global Warming for what they viewed as an unusual weather pattern, but pilots viewed the weather as just another typical summer storm with heavy turbulence.

The ratty weather of the last four days had harassed them all the way to Seattle. All week long pilots reported wicked west southwest headwinds in most areas of the U.

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The headwinds slowed their flight to a crawl. But before they could continue on their way to SeaTac Airport in Seattle, the need for immediate medical attention for a heart attack victim up front forced an unplanned landing in Denver. A doctor on board rendered assistance and the crew utilized Med Link, a direct line to emergency physicians on the ground, but there was nothing more the passenger-physician could do.

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Yes, for Lucinda this had been a very long day! In the Medic One van her statement to Trotman and Carver was brief. She struggled to speak through the obvious shock which racked her both mentally and physically. She sat on the gurney in the aid truck, her feet and legs pressed together firmly, her shoulders hunched forward with her arms crossed tightly as if chilled to the bone.

She was wrapped in a blanket by the Medic to help stave off the shivers which consumed her. Her answers painted a picture that would hold her mind in its grip for weeks to come. She thought maybe she had seen a set of taillights up ahead cut suddenly to the left. It looked like something was wrong, but through the driving rain, even with the windshield wipers on high; it was hard to be sure what she had seen. It was quite a distance ahead. Detective Carver remembered the accidents of long ago before the cable system was in place.

Through the years too many one and two-car accidents had occurred with out-of-control cars propelled into oncoming traffic through the grassy median in the center of the freeway. Deadly head-on collisions or single car rollovers were the result all too often. After research proved its effectiveness, the Cable Median Safety Barrier was installed by the State to stop just such scenarios.

Due to the unusual number of cross-over accidents that still managed to occur through the Marysville stretch, though, the cable barrier had to be doubled. Then in February of an SUV ripped through both cable systems in the stretch between Arlington and Marysville and slammed into a bus. In July of the recommendation was returned.

Put in concrete barriers through that mile stretch. She was already dead. Detective Carver felt for Lucinda as she haltingly described the accident. Her facial expression never changed, frozen in numbness now from the horror she saw. She stared at the floor of the medic unit as she spoke, her eyes locked on one spot.

She rarely blinked. Her lips hardly moved as she answered each question in a barely audible voice. She was telling about the final moments of the accident when a trooper briefly stuck his head in to let the medic know her husband had arrived and was waiting outside.

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They had earlier asked her who they could contact for her. She was in no shape to drive home. Trotman pushed through the last two questions and stopped. He was confident he had enough information for now.

Though her facial expression was that of a blank wall, her mind held her hostage in the last moment, that moment when it all unfolded, a moment that would continue to replay itself for weeks to come, months, maybe years. She needed emotional support now that only her husband could provide. Trotman and Carver stepped out of the medic unit in the wee hours of the morning. The roof was caved in heavily on the passenger side and prevented any escape or rescue by a passersby.

When she crossed the cables she could see someone inside. Then there was silence as the woman inside stopped screaming while choking on the smoke and was finally claimed by the flames. A loud kawhump followed and the whole car was engulfed inside and out. Yes, she could smell gas, she thought. The accident investigation team arrived and AM showed the early morning light. Photographs of the victim, the position of the car, skid marks, torn up grass in the center divider, it all had to be compiled before the victim could be removed and the car hauled away.

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Chapter 2 Best Friends Forever As she waited for her best friend to arrive, Stacy Turner was stretched out on her couch in her pajamas. But three hours later a quick trip of only 15 minutes produced no further phone calls and no best friend. Someone Stacy loved like a sister was missing.

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The prior day Beth told Stacy her deepest secrets. She spilled forth about her poor choice of a boyfriend; his temper, his drinking, his attachment to internet porn, his Jekyll and Hyde personality. The man of two years ago was gone. Back then the two women shared their secrets as usual, but fun secrets. Neither of them groused about their men.

A Deadly Suggestion - PDF Book Preview

In fact, Beth just about floated when she talked about her guy! He always came across as the perfect gentleman. What a change! A wounded veteran of the Marines, America considered him one of its war heroes. Stacy snapped back to reality. Beth was missing! Geoff wanted to call the hospitals. He knew Beth when she was upset. Less than twenty-four hours earlier Stacy had been a shoulder for Beth to cry on.